What Exactly Is Breast Explant Surgery?

About breast explant surgeryWhile the majority of breast augmentation procedures are successful, there are some instances in which a patient wants her breast implants removed or “explanted.” This could be due to a complication or the simple fact that the patient’s preferences have changed and she is no longer happy with her results. In any case, breast explant surgery with a reputable and qualified plastic surgeon is possible.

Dr. C.B. Boswell shares more information on the surgery in this blog post.

Why Women Decide to Remove Their Breast Implants

Let’s look at reasons for explantation.

Breast implants are FDA-approved medical devices that are designed to be safe and long lasting. However, there is always a chance the implants will fail or develop a complication. Implants can leak or rupture, requiring removal or replacement. Capsular contracture is another possible complication in which the tissue (or capsule) surrounding the implant and the implant harden, causing painful symptoms.

Some women do not experience any complications but are no longer happy with their results. This could be because a woman wants to downsize to a smaller and more manageable breast size or because the breasts have changed in appearance over time due to age, weight gain and other factors.

What Happens During Breast Explant Surgery

There are many techniques that can be used during explant surgery. For instance, explantation of an implant that has leaked or ruptured requires the removal of any free gel that may have leaked out of the implant. In explant surgeries that involve removing implants and not replacing them with another pair, breast skin and tissue that previously stretched out to accommodate the implants must be modified (e.g., excised or tightened) in order to achieve an attractive and natural-looking appearance.

Like primary breast augmentation, breast explant surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia. If a patient has saline breast implants, it is possible to sometimes remove the breast implants in the office under local anesthesia. The initial recovery period is about the same for both (one to two weeks).

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