Brow Lift St. Louis

A browlift (also called a forehead lift) corrects the drooping or low position of the eyebrows that gives the face a tired or sad appearance. It also softens horizontal creases across the forehead, as well as the vertical lines (frown lines) between the eyebrows that contribute to an unhappy or angry expression. Many people have eyebrows that are not positioned symmetrically, and this can be corrected with a browlift. A lot of patients who request a forehead lift say that people ask if they are mad, tired, or worried because they always seem to be frowning.

A browlift rejuvenates the area between the upper eyelids and the scalp across the entire forehead (temple to temple) to produce a more relaxed and refreshed appearance. It is most often done on people over 40. Many patients elect to have a browlift in combination with other facial procedures, such as a facelift or eyelid lift (blepharoplasty).

The Surgery

Dr. Boswell is trained to perform a browlift with an endoscope, which requires 4 or 5 short incisions in the hair. The endoscopic approach is not as successful as the traditional browlift for treating horizontal creases across the forehead, but it does effectively raise the eyebrows and improves the vertical frown lines at the top of the nose. The scars from an endoscopic browlift are usually imperceptible, and the healing time is shorter than with a traditional browlift.

If the amount of forehead skin is excessive, or if significant horizontal wrinkles are present, a traditional browlift may be the best option. In this case, an incision is made across the top of the scalp, just behind the hairline. In patients with a high forehead, the incision is placed just below the hairline so the hairline will not be raised to an unnaturally high position. The resulting scar usually blends nicely into the hairline.

Whichever incision is used, a browlift removes excess forehead tissue and skin, repositions the muscles and tissues that cause wrinkling and frown lines, and tightens the forehead skin. The result is that the eyebrows are raised and the forehead smoothed.

The procedure takes about 1 1/2 hours and may be done on an outpatient basis. If a browlift is combined with other procedures, such as a facelift or eyelid lift, patients usually spend one night in the hospital.

What To Expect After A Browlift

A light dressing is placed over the incision, but it is removed the day after surgery, at which point you may shower. Your scalp will be tender and you’ll have some discomfort for a few days, but your surgeon will prescribe medication that should relieve most of the pain. For the first day after a browlift, your head should remain elevated. Even with this precaution, swelling and bruising of the forehead will increase over the first 2 to 3 days before it begins to subside. Because the skin and tissues surrounding the eyes are thin, some swelling and bruising usually occurs around the eyes, as well.

Stitches are removed 7 to 10 days after surgery, and you should feel and look good enough to return to work – or in less time with an endoscopic browlift. By about 10 days postop, most of the bruising should be gone, and what remains can be concealed with make-up. By this time, you will definitely notice that your facial expression seems more refreshed and relaxed. Within 3 weeks, about 85% of the swelling has subsided. However, your final appearance may not be fully evident for up to 6 months.

Length Of Surgery

1 to 2 hours


Usually general


Usually outpatient; if performed along with other procedures, patients spend 1 night in the hospital.

Side Effects

Temporary swelling, numbness, headaches, bruising. Traditional browlift method: Possible itching and hair loss around the incision.


Injury to facial nerve, causing loss of motion, muscle weakness, or asymmetrical look. Infection. Broad or excessive scarring.


Back to work: 7 to 10 days, usually sooner for endoscopic browlift.
More strenuous activity: 2 weeks.
Full recovery from bruising: 2 to 3 weeks. Limit sun exposure for several months.

Duration of Results

Usually 5 to 10 years

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