Butt Augmentation St. Louis

Many years of obesity produce changes to the spine and posture, which can give the buttocks a flattened appearance. A circumferential body lift sometimes makes the lack of buttock projection worse as the excess lower body tissues are lifted and tightened.

Many of our patients therefore choose to have gluteal augmentation with their own tissue (called autologous tissue) at the same time as a body lift. The excess tissue of the lower back that is normally discarded during a body lift is fashioned into a tissue flap that can be safely used to preserve or enhance projection of the buttocks.

Dr. Boswell has developed innovative approaches to gluteal augmentation with tissue flaps in massive weight loss patients. This tissue is molded and then inset beneath the skin in such a way that it adds volume and projection to the buttocks. The flap is anchored with stitches to the deeper tissues so it will not move, and skin that normally would be pulled downward and cut off in a circumferential body lift is used to cover the flap.

Gluteal augmentation adds about 1 hour to the operating time of a circumferential body lift and requires no additional skin incisions. Your surgeon will discuss whether you are a good candidate for gluteal augmentation with a tissue flap and explain the procedure that best fits your anatomy and body contouring goals.