Reach Your Dream Figure with Combination Plastic Surgery

Breast & Body Contouring Procedure St. Louis, MO

When you’re unhappy with several aspects of your appearance that are outside of your control, it can negatively impact your quality of life. You may struggle with self-confidence in your day-to-day and avoid certain events, activities or clothing that would accentuate these areas of your body. At BodyAesthetic Plastic Surgery & Skincare Center in St. Louis, our board-certified plastic surgeon can help you improve multiple cosmetic concerns at once with combination plastic surgery.

Combining Breast and Body Contouring Procedures

The most common plastic surgeries performed together are breast surgery with liposuction and a tummy tuck. This combination is often called a mommy makeover because these are the areas that change the most throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, people who have lost a significant amount of weight may also benefit from this combination.

The Benefits of Combination Plastic Surgery

There are several perks of having two or more procedures simultaneously. One is the potential for cost savings. When you have separate surgeries, you pay the same surgical expenses several times, including fees for the hospital or facility, nursing staff, anesthesiologist and plastic surgeon. Combining plastic surgeries reduces these costs to a one-time payment. Certain risks such as anesthesia complications are lower when you combine procedures versus going under general anesthesia several times.

If you lead a busy lifestyle with children or have a tight work schedule, having multiple plastic surgeries at once streamlines the healing process. You will have one recovery period instead of two or three, which reduces your time off work and the need for help around the house while you heal.

The most significant benefit to combining plastic surgeries such as breast augmentation and liposuction is reaching your desired results faster. You don’t need to wait months or years and undergo several invasive surgeries to have your dream figure. If you struggle with stubborn areas of fat, loose abdominal skin and breast concerns, you can achieve your ideal body shape at once by combining the necessary plastic surgeries.

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