Customize Your Plastic Surgery Results for A “Mommy Makeover” After Childbearing

Mommy makeover surgery St. Louis

Pregnancy causes numerous changes to your body, and many women struggle with the appearance of their breasts and bodies long after childbirth. You may have deflated or drooping breasts, loose abdominal skin, new (and stubborn) pockets of fat, and other concerns that can’t be improved with diet and exercise alone. Mommy makeover is a term used for a combination of plastic surgeries to restore your pre-pregnancy figure and give you back your self-confidence.

What Procedures Are in a Mommy Makeover?

Your mommy makeover procedure is designed to address your unique concerns. However, the process typically involves variations of breast surgery and body contouring. Some women may have large breasts that don’t shrink after weaning off breastfeeding and desire a breast reduction to eliminate painful symptoms and restore a proportionate breast and body shape. Others may struggle with drooping breasts or loss of volume and seek breast lift or breast augmentation with breast implants.

Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a popular part of mommy makeover procedures because the abdominal area changes drastically during pregnancy. Mothers may struggle with diastasis recti, which happens when the abdominal muscles stretch and separate during pregnancy (or weight gain). You may have loose, sagging skin and stretch marks in your lower abdomen. Tummy tuck tightens and repositions the abdominal muscles and removes sagging skin for a smoother, tighter midsection.

Women may have other areas of sagging skin if they gain and lose a significant amount of weight during and after pregnancy. Arm lift and thigh lift can be a part of your mommy makeover to remove excess skin tissue and tighten these areas.

Liposuction is another body contouring procedure in mommy makeovers. This fat removal surgery eliminates stubborn areas that don’t respond to diet changes and targeted exercises. The buttocks also change with pregnancy, and the fat removed with liposuction can be used to enhance and reshape the buttocks with Brazilian butt lift.

Are You Ready for A Mommy Makeover Surgery?

Your body needs time to heal after childbirth. Our board-certified plastic surgeon recommends waiting six to 12 months after delivery for plastic surgery. If you choose to breastfeed, you will need to wait about six months after your child weans to allow the breasts to revert to their normal state. It’s best to have mommy makeover when you’ve finished growing your family, and you may want to wait until your children are older and no longer need to be held due to weight limitations during mommy makeover recovery.

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