Reasons Women Opt for Breast Reduction

Breast reduction in St. Louis

Oversized breasts cause a litany of painful, even embarrassing, problems for many women. When your breasts overpower your appearance, causing nerve pain and other issues, a breast reduction can restore balance to your frame and improve self-confidence. Our board-certified plastic surgeon at BodyAesthetic Plastic Surgery & Skin Care Center has helped many patients lower the burden of large breasts through breast reduction surgery.

Women opt for breast reduction for several reasons, and it is a personal choice only you can make. Some of the most common cosmetic and medical reasons women consider reduction mammoplasty include:

1.    Chronic Pain

Heavy breasts take a toll on your body. They cause you to slouch forward, impacting your posture. Even the thickest bra straps can’t provide the lift you need to eliminate neck, back and shoulder pain caused by the weight your front half carries. Chronic pain is one driving force that leads women to schedule a breast reduction consultation with Dr. C.B. Boswell in St. Louis. Smaller breasts proportionate to your frame can improve your posture and significantly reduce or eliminate chronic pain.

2.    Skin Rashes, Irritation and Indentions

The physical toll of oversized breasts doesn’t stop at nerve pain in the neck, shoulders and back. Skin irritation between and underneath the breasts is a common issue that can develop into rashes or infections due to friction and sweat in the area. The heaviness of the breasts often leaves deep and uncomfortable bra strap indentions on the shoulders as well.

3.    Fewer Wardrobe Options

Some women find it difficult to wear clothing that fits their breasts and their body. A shirt or dress that fits snugly in the abdomen and hips stretches across the chest area too thin and damages the material. Clothing that accommodates large breasts could be far too loose and baggy on the rest of you. A breast reduction opens your wardrobe options, giving you more freedom to explore your style without limitations when you shop.

4. Enjoy More Exercises and Activities

Workouts and sports that require running or jumping are difficult (and painful) to manage with oversized breasts. That means joining a friendly soccer game or pursuing the dream of running a marathon is off-limits for women with large breasts that limit their movement. Most women find after a breast reduction that they can participate in these activities freely.

5. Improve Your Self-Esteem

Large breasts can be frustrating for many reasons. The chronic pain, poor posture, exercise restrictions and issues finding comfortable clothing all affect your confidence. Some women experience an influx of unwanted advances or negative comments because of their breast size, further impacting their body image — women who undergo breast reduction report an increase in quality of life and improved self-esteem.

Schedule Your Breast Reduction Consultation

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