Anti Aging Skin Care Medi Spa In St. Louis, Missouri

We know that beauty is more than skin deep, but that doesn’t mean your skin should not be as healthy and young-looking as possible. That’s why BodyAesthetic Plastic Surgery & Skincare Center offers so many options for skin repair and maintenance, and all of them focus on improving your skin’s health.

If you want to minimize wrinkles, treat blemishes, or correct or prevent sun damage, these goals can be attained without surgery. All you need to have skin with improved firmness, texture, and color is the proper use of targeted skin care products and treatments developed and prescribed by physicians.

Individuals who do not yet exhibit visible signs of aging would be wise to begin a medically-based preventive program of skin care so they can safeguard their healthy skin longer into the future. And if your skin is already showing signs of aging or sun damage, the surgeons and licensed aestheticians at BodyAesthetic will help you decide which treatment is best for your skin and design a program just for you. When it comes to good skin care, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.”

Our Skincare Center is not a spa or salon, though the level of pampering you receive is comparable. Instead, we are a medical spa. Some of our Medi-Spa patients are preparing for or recovering from facial surgery, but the majority are looking for a non-surgical way to reduce signs of aging, improve the color, texture and smoothness of their skin, or repair skin damaged by sun or environmental exposure.

When you schedule a consultation in our Skincare Center, your skin will be evaluated to determine what it needs to restore its health and look its best. Our skincare specialists will discuss your skin care habits, lifestyle, medical history, and other factors as the first step in designing a treatment plan and customized home care program that best suits you and what you’d like to achieve. A consultation with our aesthetician is $50. A consultation with our physician is $99.