Facial Plastic Surgery In St. Louis, Missouri

Rejuvenation of one or more areas of the face is among the procedures most often requested by BodyAesthetic patients. These range from a full facelift to the newer techniques of short-scar, mini, and midface lifts, which require specialized training. Another procedure that demands advanced training is the endoscopic browlift, which uses four very small incisions to lift the brow and smooth the forehead. An eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) is appropriate for patients whose lids have begun to sag with age and tend to produce a “tired” appearance. Other procedures address skin resurfacing: lasers, dermabrasion, and deep chemical peels all bring fresh skin cells to the surface and thereby minimize wrinkles and give skin a more youthful appearance.

The re-contouring of specific features is also in high demand. Some people have never been happy with the shape of their nose or ears, and some request neck rejuvenation to get rid of excess fat or sagging skin that makes them look older than they are. Other facial features that can be re-contoured include the chin, cheeks, and jaw. A popular procedure with our patients is lip augmentation with either tissue fillers or implanted materials.

A major objective of aesthetic surgery, especially facial rejuvenation, is to ensure that patients don’t look like they’ve had surgery. This is much more technically demanding than it sounds. Lots of surgeons can give you a facelift that looks like you’ve been through a wind tunnel, but we don’t think that’s a good result and neither do our patients. Yes, a change should be noticeable, but it should be hard to define by others-the eyes look brighter and more open, the look of chronic fatigue or frowning is gone, the whole person looks happier, more relaxed, younger and, above all, natural.

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