Elimination of Visible Veins in St. Louis, MO

Our Skincare Center Sciton laser can be adapted into the ClearScan vascular laser to eliminate small blood vessels visible in the skin (often called spider veins). These are typically most bothersome when on the face, neck, legs, or chest. Conditions such as broken capillaries, spider veins, telangiectasia, rosacea, varicose veins, and other noticeable vascular structures are precisely targeted with the laser and gently eliminated from the visible layers of the skin’s surface.

The ClearScan laser works by heating the unwanted vessels with pulsed energy. As the targeted vessels absorb the heat, they are destroyed and gradually reabsorbed by the body in a natural cleansing process. Because the laser precisely targets only visible blood vessels, the tissue around them is unaffected. Most small capillaries become invisible almost immediately after treatment.

The length of the procedure varies according to the problem being treated and ranges from a few minutes to half an hour. Though a warm or hot sensation may be felt, treatments do not typically require any local anesthesia. No real downtime is associated with laser treatment of veins or other vessels, and moderate activity may be resumed immediately.

Some skin redness should be expected for a few days following the procedure, and direct sun exposure must be avoided during this time. Many of the conditions treated by the vascular laser are caused by sun damage, so use of a good sunscreen is essential to maintain the treatment results. The need for repeat treatments depends on how your skin responds to the laser and your particular condition.