Earlobe Repair St. Louis

Torn / split earlobe(s) can interfere with your ability to wear earrings and can impact your appearance. Repair involves excision of the lining in the torn area and suturing of the resulting wound. The ear can be re-pierced approximately six weeks after the repair.


A split / torn earlobe may result from trauma, from accidentally pulling on an earring during exercise or while dressing. An earlobe tear may be partial or complete. Either type is amenable to treatment.

In addition to the cosmetic surgical repair of torn or split earlobes, Dr. Boswell, a board-certified plastic surgeon at Body Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & Skincare Center in St. Louis, Mo., also provides facial rejuvenation procedures, including brow lift surgery and facial implants, to restore a youthful appearance to the face or bring a sense of balance to facial features.