Massive Weight Loss After Lap Band or Other Bariatric Surgery in St. Louis

weight loss cosmetic surgery

As the demand for gastric bypass surgery has grown, so has the specialized field of plastic surgery for massive weight loss patients, who have unique body contouring problems and needs. Those who have lost weight through rigorous dieting and exercise programs face the same issues of having loose, hanging folds of skin and tissue that hide the new, thinner people they are becoming.

Plastic surgery in massive weight loss patients is a relatively new field, and better techniques for achieving good aesthetic results are evolving rapidly. We are proud to say that Dr. Boswell is nationally known as a leader in this field, and has developed several innovative techniques for this special group of patients. Several times a year, Dr. Boswell teaches massive weight loss body contouring to groups of surgeons around the country who are just getting into this specialized area of surgery.

Our extensive experience with body contouring surgery after massive weight loss is extremely important for our patients because these procedures are technically difficult and carry many potential risks for complications. If you had a gastric bypass procedure, you probably looked for the most experienced surgeon you could find as a way to reduce your risks. We believe the same criteria applies if you’re considering plastic surgery to complete your new appearance.